Think you need Excellent Credit to buy a home? And enough money for a down payment? Think Again!

How About Approved for a Mortgage in 90 Days – with NO down payment?!

Sound too good to be true? It is absolutely possible, even if:

  • You have bad credit
  • You have no credit
  • You have been turned down before
  • You have no cash for a down payment


As a serial home buyer, buying her first home at the height of the 2008 real estate crash with NO MONEY DOWN, Kenzie knows the ins and outs of the credit and mortgage lending industry, and has compiled all of her experience and knowledge into a step-by-step, easy to follow system with proven results!

Finding herself in a dire situation a decade ago, Kenzie needed to buy her first home quickly – and with as little out of pocket as possible! Luckily, she had spent countless hours researching credit repair methods and mortgage programs online. As a result of this due diligence she was able to purchase her first home 30 days after beginning the search, with zero money down – and a fantastic interest rate to boot!

Fast forward a decade and Kenzie has bought and sold several homes, each time in less than 90 days with absolutely no money down. Believing that home ownership is the most important feature of the “American Dream” Kenzie compiled her extensive research and methods into this book – to help YOU become the next 90 day success story!


In addition to learning from her experiences in credit repair and legitimate sources of down payment assistance programs, Kenzie provides up to date “Zero Down” mortgage products from reputable lenders across the nation. These are not the predatory lenders that caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis of the last decade – these are established, reputable banks and credit unions that are eager to get back into the competitive mortgage lending market.

The 90 Day House includes:

  • Assessing your current credit situation
  • Cleaning up your credit and raising your score
  • How to find legitimate down payment assistance programs
  • Multiple “Zero Down” mortgage programs available across the nation


You could spend hundreds of hours researching these methods and programs online, becoming frustrated when you hit a dead end – or you could take advantage of someone else’s blood, sweat, and tears and follow the simple steps outlined in The 90 Day House. See you inside!


Included in the book purchase is an added bonus which will ensure you are kept up to date on down payment programs and zero down mortgages as soon as they hit the market! 


90 Day House
Plus an added bonus which will ensure you are kept up to date on down payment programs and zero down mortgages as soon as they hit the market!

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